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Spencer Meets IHasCupQuake

Spencer meets CupQuake

“ He was jumping up and down and was literally speechless ”

- Spencer's Wish Granter

​To pass time during countless visits and hospital stays over the years, Spencer often turned to video games on his iPad as an outlet of distraction. Although he enjoys playing various Minecraft games, his favorite YouTube celebrities to watch are Cupquake (Tiffany) and Red (Mario) from the Youtube channel, Ihascupquake.

After a long day at a local Californian theme park, Spencer’s parents were worried he may be too exhausted to thoroughly enjoy the convention. However, as soon as Cupquake and Red approached Spencer and his family, he truly came alive.

​“Once the initial shock wore off, we couldn’t keep him from wanting to talk,” explained Spencer’s Wish Granter, “He was jumping up and down and was literally speechless.”

​Spencer and his favorite YouTube celebrities played several games together, cheering each other on and having a great time, before they made their opening address to the four hundred other fans in the room. The three new friends took pictures to add to a ‘flip book’ to commemorate the meeting.  ​Near the end of their time together, Spencer asked for an autograph. His idols signed their names directly on his iPad screen so that the next time he found himself in the hospital, he could watch Ihascupquake and remember that his wish came true. In return, Cupquake and Red asked Spencer for his own autograph because of how much they admired him for his strength.

​The trip to California and the event where Spencer got to meet his favorite celebrities was something he would take with him for a long time. Spencer may still have to visit the hospital from time to time, but at least now when he goes he will have this autograph to look back on and be reminded of his special wish day.

Make-A-Wish would like to thank Wish Granters; Christen Stewart and Kelly Theberge. 

  • Spencer meets CupQuake

  • Spencer meets CupQuake

  • Spencer meets CupQuake

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