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Noah Meets Superheroes

Noah gets a fist bump from Spiderman

“ Noah gets a fist bump from Spiderman ”

A fist bump from Spiderman and a high five from Captain America gave Noah some great memories of his wish trip to Florida!

Noah and his wish grantersNoah, 4, of Bowdoin lives with heart disease and has had open heart surgery.

When deciding upon his wish, Noah told volunteer Wish Granters that he would like to see “Mickey’s house” and meet some of the superheroes he loves.

While waiting to take the trip to Walt Disney World, Noah and his family were treated to a ride on the Polar Express in New Hampshire, which includes a ride to Santa’s Village where Santa and elves welcome children dressed in their pajamas. Make-A-Wish likes to extend the magic of the wish process as long as possible - especially when a child is unable to have their wish granted until their health is more stable.

Make-A-Wish organized a special “Marvel Meet and Greet” at Universal studios, which was Noah’s absolute favorite part of the trip!

Noah enjoyed hanging his star at Give Kids The World, a special resort for children fighting life-threatening medical conditions.

“Our family had the most amazing time,” said Pamela. “Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We are truly grateful.”

Noah continues to talk about the wish and said he would like to tell the people who granted his wish, “Thank you and I love you to the Neverland Pirates and back!”

Thank you: Give Kids The World , Portland Limousine, Amy Cooper, Marlene Edwards-Richards, Avis, Universal Studios Orlando, Maine State Police, Orlando Medical Rentals
Our family had the most amazing time ”

— Noah's Mom

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