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Ryan's Backyard Renovation Gives Freedom

Ryan and his mom check out the new fence

“ Ryan ran free for the first time in his own backyard. ”

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Ryan's wish for a backyard renovation complete with a new fence, sandbox and water fountain gives him freedom to explore his backyard for the first time by himself. Living on a busy road, Ryan could not safely play outside without constant supervision.

Ryan's wish grantersWatch a video of Ryan's Wish!

Ryan, 15, of Westbrook lives with a severe seizure disorder known as Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. He’s been plagued with seizures since the age of two, and the relentless seizure activity has caused significant cognitive and developmental delays.

Ryan has a particular fascination with trees and the outdoors. He loves to be outdoors, but the family lives on a busy street, and for his own safety he cannot be outside without being in a contained area, or without supervision. Never before has he been able to run freely in his own backyard.

His wish request for a safe, fenced in backyard was a natural fit given Ryan’s situation. The wish included installing a 6’ high cedar stockade fence, a fountain, a sandbox and a tree planted by Wishmakers Diversified Communications.

When Ryan’s Mom brought him into the yard and let him run free for the first time, Ryan enthusiastically shouted, “Look at that!” while pointing to trees he had never noticed before the fence allowed him to get closer. He ran around exploring and hugging loved ones while friends, family and volunteers cheered him on.

“He’s free,” said his mom, Magda. “When he ran out, it was clear that he wanted to get to the backyard quicker than his feet. This will give him some independence, which is something he really wants and struggles with.”

Thank you: Wishmaker Diversified Communications, Wish Granters Linda Jackson-Phillips and Janine Talbot, Burns’ Fencing, City of Westbrook (Dept. of Building Inspection), The Meathouse, O’Donal’s Nursery, Lowe’s, Maine Paint Service, Paint Pot, Shaw’s of Westbrook, Hannaford’s of Westbrook, Jane Ellen Filieo, Nancy Lund, and Stacy Duffy.
The fence gives Ryan freedom and gives us quality family time ”

— Ryan's Mom

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It was an honor and a privilege for the Westbrook Fire Department to be a part of this event. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

July 26, 2013 - 3:28 PM

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