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Nate has been told what he cannot do his whole life. He is constantly reminded of his condition by the limitations that it creates. But today is different. Today Nate’s wish is finally coming true. He pulls up to the New Suncook School gym in Lovell in a stretch limousine, eyes gleaming with the excitement of knowing that today he will finally get the chance to again ride a bike.

An urge for freedom

We come into this world full of questions and concerns. It is that very same curiosity that we experience early on in life that fuels our desire for knowledge and experience. For a young boy, a bicycle is everything. It is a vehicle for exploration that can take him on the adventures that become his life’s story.

That’s how it is for Nate, a cool kid from Maine who just so happens to suffer from a metabolic disorder that limits his abilities for physical activity.

Most people, and especially kids, have a sincere desire to explore. And what kid doesn’t want to be free? But because of his condition, Nate is mostly restricted to life in his wheelchair.

That’s when someone told his family about the Discovery Tricycle made by Freedom Concepts. Freedom Concepts makes it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the pleasures of bicycle riding. When wish granters came to Nate’s house to ask what his one true wish would be, he knew exactly what he wanted.

Getting on the bike

The bike sits in the school gym and awaits the arrival of Nate and his family. When the wish party finally enters the gym, Nate is stunned. It’s really there, the bike he’s been dreaming about all this time. It’s a large, blue tricycle with a safety harness to assist with stability and ease. But the list doesn’t stop there. The bike also comes with riding gloves and an indoor trainer so that Nate can ride any time he wants.

The major therapeutic benefit of the bike is that it will help strengthen Nate’s leg muscles. But the real benefit can be seen right on Nate’s face: the happiness that it will bring him for years to come.

He smiles as he pedals around the gym, refusing to stop and overjoyed that he can do it without any assistance at all. Through his wish he has found the one thing that every young boy years for: freedom.

“I don’t think you realize how much Make-A-Wish changed Natey’s life. You put joy in his heart and gave his life back a purpose. We will be forever grateful to all of you,” Nate’s mom, Wendy, said.

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He was humming while he rode. I didn’t know he could still hum. ”

— Wish Mom

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