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Sydney goes to Italy

Sydney in Italy

“ This trip was absolutely incredible and was something I’ll never forget ”

- Sydney

Picturesque canal rides through the floating city of Venice, indulging in homemade pizza and gelato in Florence, making the acquaintance of locals in Rome… A trip to Italy was all Sydney dreamed of for as long as she could remember, so when she was given the opportunity to wish for anything in the world, she knew exactly what she would choose.

Throughout her taxing battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, Sydney reminded herself of the European experience she was about to have and found the strength to persevere in ways she didn’t think she could.

Sydney and her family arrived in Venice where their international experience began. They walked together over paths and bridges, taking in the brightly colored buildings that surrounded them. On their second day in the city, the family was able to appreciate the area from a different perspective on a private gondola ride through the water. Following Venice, the family made their way to Florence to enrich their Italian culture further.

Once in Florence, the family hopped aboard a tourism bus that would take them through the city’s ancient, cobblestone roads. Along their ride they saw sights such as the magnificent Duomo and the breathtaking Piazza Michelangelo. They spent the night walking the streets, listening to local street performers while enjoying cones of gelato.

Practically experts of Italian travel at this point of their trip, Sydney and her family made their way by train to Rome the following afternoon. Sydney’s fascination with the primeval architecture before she left inspired Sydney’s Wish Granters to sign her family up for an ancient walking tour of the city while in Rome. While on the tour, the knowledgeable tour guide pointed out famous spots such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. The next day Sydney and her family also had the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, making sure they saw all of the major sites in Rome.

However, the fun didn’t stop after Rome. The family extended their stay in Italy, traveling next to sunny Sorrento, Pompeii and Capri, exploring the coastal side of Italy and embracing even more of the country’s beauty. Sydney was able to experience so many beautiful Italian cities that fully exceeded all of her expectations.

“I think this trip really helped her to look forward, anticipate the future and all it has in store for her and leave some of the cancer experience behind her” Sydney’s mom explained after their return, “As a parent, it was such a gift to see her so filled with excitement, awe and optimism”.

When asked what she would like to say to everyone who made her wish possible, Sydney responded: “I would like to give them a very big hug and a huge thank you. This trip was absolutely incredible and was something I’ll never forget”.

Make-A-Wish would like to thank: Adopt A Wish sponsor Mechanical Services and Wish Granters Michael Bierley and Monique Leigh.

“As a parent, it was such a gift to see her so filled with excitement, awe and optimism” ”

— Sydney’s mom

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