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Corah Meets Spirit

Corah Meets Spirit_648x444 Jeff Shewmon

“ This is a really special opportunity for her. ”

- Corah's Mom

  • Corah , 6

    • Kidney transplant
    • I wish to see wild horses and meet Spirit
  • I wish to go

Corah, 6, of Cumberland County wished to meet Spirit! Spirit, the muse for the DreamWorks animated film, is a very special horse to Corah. Corah and her family traveled to Return To Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary in California for her wish.

Corah knew from the beginning of the wishing process that she wanted to spend time with wild horses. While envisioning the possibilities with her volunteer Wish Granters, she learned that there was a very real Spirit, living in Lompoc who served as the muse for animators as they developed her favorite film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Visiting Spirit at Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary became Corah’s one true wish.

With Return to Freedom staff members and her parents closely looking on, Corah fed Spirit apples, carrots and grass and gently rubbed the mane of the Kiger Mustang whose likeness she has grown so accustomed to seeing.

“Doesn’t he look just like Spirit in the movie?” asked her mom, Crystal Hanlon, eliciting a nod of approval from her daughter.

Corah, who said she had never before seen a wild horse, didn’t appear to have any fear as she played with Spirit.

Wish dad Jamie said it was great to watch his daughter’s wish come true. More than anything, though, he said he was thankful for her improving health.

“She has a lifelong battery of amino-suppression drugs that she has to take and she’s going to be dealing with this her whole life, but she’s been doing great,” he said. “Outside of that, she’s a normal kindergartner.”

This is a really special opportunity for her. ”

— Wish Dad Jamie

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