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Cody's Dude Ranch Adventure

Cody's Dude Ranch Wish Storyline Photo

“ Everyone at the ranch felt like they were part of something bigger than themselves. ”

- Cody's Mom

Picture this: an authentic dude ranch nestled in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming where the horses run as free as the children; a private oasis where memories are made, wounds can heal and wishes really come true.

Cody’s young life prior to the ranch proved to be as bumpy as the dirt road they rode in on. When he wasn’t escaping into the world of cowboys, Cody and his family were busy fighting his extremely rare bone marrow condition. Since he was diagnosed at just 13 months, Cody has seen countless hospitalizations and blood transfusions in an effort to balance his hemoglobin.

“When Cody says he’s tired, you obviously wonder has he slept? Has he eaten?” explains his mother Joelle, “But in the back of your mind you find yourself asking – what’s his hemoglobin? There’s always that niggle in the back of your brain.”

When Cody was well enough to start thinking about his wish, Wish Granters Christen and Connie stepped in to bring hope, strength and joy to the life of a well-deserving little boy. When asked what his most heartfelt wish is, Cody announced: 'To ride horses at Eaton’s Ranch with my brother'.

The only challenge with the ranch was that Cody’s younger brother, Asher, would have to wait until he turned six years old to ride. Being the kind-hearted and sweet big brother he is, Cody decided to wait a few months for Asher to turn six so that they could enjoy the wish together.

Just before Christmas, Cody and his family set out on the Polar Express train where they whimsically rode to the North Pole. Santa Cla us himself emerged from the train, announcing Cody’s name and sharing with him that his wish to travel to Eaton’s Ranch was being granted this summer.The next few months flew by and soon a limousine was parked in his front yard to take him to the airport in style. After receiving the pilot’s wings and arriving in Wyoming, Cody and his family made their way to the ranch where they fell in love instantly with the simplicity of the area. A wish family in a surrounding town had heard Cody and Asher aspired to be cowboys, and  surprised them with something to make them feel even more at home in Wyoming. The Wish Dad made and delivered the brothers’ custom, handmade chaps that they were able to ride in for the whole week. Cody and his family spent the week taking advantage of every aspect of Eaton’s Ranch. They rode together each day; some days even up to three times. When they weren’t riding horseback, Cody and Asher were busy swimming, kicking balls in the field, and enjoying time with other children they met there.

One of the last days they were there happened to be Father’s Day, a day when the family made some of their fondest memories. They decided to take the horses out for a dinner time picnic. As they raced their horses through the meadows, smiling and laughing on the search for prairie dogs in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, Cody’s mother wondered how they had gotten so lucky. It was a holiday unlike any they had ever experienced, one that the whole family would forever hold close to their hearts.
  • Cody's Dude Ranch Wish

  • Cody's Dude Ranch Wish

  • Cody's Dude Ranch Wish

When donating to Make-A-Wish, you're giving an experience that will last with them. ”

— Cody's Mom

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