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Training Dates

Join us at one of our upcoming volunteer trainings and begin the journey to become a Make-A-Wish volunteer!

Become a volunteer and join Make-A-Wish® Maine in creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Training for New Wish Granters:

This is an all-day session for folks interested in joining our wish granting team. Wish granters go into the child's home in teams of two and help Make-A-Wish find out what the child's greatest wish might be. They then go about the enviable task of playing fairy godmother or godfather by making the time before the wish is granted a time of fun, delighting the child with any variety of surprises from pizza parties to giant stuffed teddy bears. Wish granters are also expected to help Make-A-Wish seek donated goods and services whenever possible. 

At Wish Granting 101 you will learn what being a wish volunteer is all about and the responsibilities of this volunteer position. We will review and discuss the current policies and procedures for fulfilling a wish. You will also participate in interactive exercises with the goal of gaining insight into the wish granting process. You will also have the opportunity to meet with other wish volunteers who will be able to share their personal stories and experiences. We will even feed you!

Upcoming Wish Granter Training Sessions 


Re-commitment Training: Nothing stays the same!
Many of you have been wish granters for a number of years. As with any job, particularly one which carries such an important mission, methods, ideas, philosophies change over the years. So it is with wish granting!

With the monetary constraints of this new age, we have been brain-storming ways in which we can keep - and increase - the magic of a child's greatest wish without increasing the costs. There are hundreds of little, beautiful ways to enhance a child's greatest wish that don't require money. Many of you have new, creative, wonderful ways in which you have granted wishes, we have some additional exciting ideas to share with you.

To register for an upcoming training, or for more information, please contact our office at 207.221.2306.

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