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Words of Wishdom: A Blog

Aug 27, 2014

Meet Our Summer Intern

Chris the Intern_480x
Today we said goodbye to our summer intern, Chris. Chris has been an amazing addition to our office for the past few months and will be greatly missed for his office support, humor, willingness to do anything to help out, and attention to detail. As we say goodbye and thanks to Chris, we thought it was about time we introduced him to the world outside of our office walls!

Here is a little bit about Chris in his own words.

My name is Christopher Bruno, I’m from Brunswick and currently going to school at Stonehill College. My father was in the military for most of my life, which meant we moved just about every two years. This was horrible in so many ways, but also a blessing. By moving and having to make new friends in each new school I grew into the outgoing and sociable person I am today. My mother has always been the saint of the family, as she is able to deal with the antics of myself and my father. On top of this she’s always been there to help with a bad day or to help console me when my father gives a bad hair cut. My sister Chelsea just recently graduated from Bowdoin College and is now doing investment banking for Wells Fargo in North Carolina. She and I are extremely close, mostly because we always looked out for each other during all of the moves.

What is it you do at Make-A-Wish Maine?
At Make-A-Wish I help with just about everything. Whether I’m helping to plan out the biggest fundraiser of the year, or organizing a closet where you couldn’t see the floor, no two days at Make-A-Wish are the same. I work a lot with Becca in Development and Sonya in Communications, working on fundraising projects and media relation type things. On top of this, I've gone to meet wish families at the airport and had the opportunity to participate in granting a wish to a teen boy.

What was the most fun day of your internship?
The most fun day of my internship was when I came in after a few days off and the whole office was decorated with Team USA decorations. I was displeased with the office's lack of support and knowledge about the World Cup. I’m an avid sports fan and tend to go all out for the World Cup, mainly because it only comes every four years and I love being an American. While on my days off, the staff in the office decided they would completely decorate the office in American decoration. This day was extremely fun because whenever I opened up a closet or went to the restroom I found more Team USA decorations.  

I’ll be the first to say that they went overboard, but it was a good overboard (see below). This day was not only fun, but it also showed me how much the office cares and appreciates me by getting excited about something I was such a big fan of.

If I could wish for anything, I would….
Wish to be: a fighter jet pilot.
Wish to have: a thoroughbred horse.
Wish to go: to Space or Venice, Italy.
Wish to meet: Derek Jeter.

Team USA Decorations
Chris the Intern's decorated workspace.

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Written by Donor Care Manager Meredith Jones, this is a blog about the ins and outs of what it takes to grant magical wishes at Make-A-Wish Maine.

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