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Words of Wishdom: A Blog

Opening the Wish Closet

One of Meredith's favorite parts of her job is "shopping" for kids from the wish closet.
One of the best parts of my job is the time I spend in the Wish Closet. Think of it: this is a closet full of toys and books that I get to put together in a travel bag for our Wish Kids and their siblings. It’s like Christmas shopping! Only better, because I don’t get a bill after selecting the perfect items.

Sometimes our wish granters will come to the office to put the bags together but most the time it’s me, in the closet I am perpetually cleaning (kind of like my own closet at home), with a list of each child traveling and their favorite things.

Jared likes Toy Story? Awesome! I have all sorts of fun stuff for him.

Caroline likes to craft? This is the perfect necklace kit for her!

It is seriously the best. I try to also select a book for each kid. Perhaps this is the avid reader in me, but I have never gone on a trip without a few paperbacks tucked in my bag. I always choose the book last and when I feel I have selected the perfect book for the child, I pretty much call my day a success.

Thankfully, we have donors and friends who give us both funds and items for our Wish Closet. This can also be a fun thing for kids to get involved with. Recently, we had the students from St. Michael's School in Augusta donate items for the wish closet thanks to the coordination of Wish Kid Matt. We received bags and bags worth of GREAT items! This is a wonderful way to teach kids to give back.

If you are thinking of dropping off some items for our Wish Closet, take a look at this list of items we need. Please have fun with it though, if you get some items you know a kid will love I promise I will find the perfect one to match it up with!

Wish Closet Needs

  • Disposable cameras – including underwater disposable cameras (this is a biggie!)
  • Small handheld electronic games
  • Travel Games
  • Autograph books
  • 'tween to teenage books *  
  • 'tween to teenage magazines *
  • Teen/adult toothbrushes *
  • iTunes gift cards (no more than $10 each) *
  • Makeup bags for teen girls *
  • Disney Princess and Super Hero items
  • Games for teens (we are fully stocked with plenty of cards – but there are some fun Trivial Pursuit card games and Magic 8 Balls which teens would think are fun!) *Meredith would LOVE to get a helium tank for our wish closet.

And, finally, my Holy Grail item that I keep my fingers crossed every day we will have someone donate:

  • A working, industrial helium tank to be able to blow up balloons in the office (the party favor ones you see most that I'm photographed with often lose the helium very easily!)

* Please note: pre-teen and teenage gifts are our greatest need right now. If you are able to donate items for our older wish kids, it would be greatly appreciated!

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About this Blog

Written by Donor Care Manager Meredith Jones, this is a blog about the ins and outs of what it takes to grant magical wishes at Make-A-Wish Maine.


June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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