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Giving Societies

Wish Society: While eighteen-year-old Brandi, of Sidney, Maine, was going through treatments for cancer, she received many guardian angel pins from friends and family. The pins boosted her spirits so much that when it came time for her to make her wish, she asked to travel to New York City to give guardian angel pins to children who lost their parents in the September 11th attacks that had occurred the year before. She handed out more than 1,000 specially designed guardian angel pins to children who lost parents as well as to firefighters and police officers who lost colleagues. The Wish Society recognizes individuals with this sort of generous spirit who donate $1,000 or more to Make-A-Wish Maine. 

Adopt-A-Wish: To adopt a wish, a donor or group must raise or contribute a tax-deductible gift of at least $7,000 in cash or securities within one year. These special donors who fund the entire wish experience for a specific child are recognized by having a wish granted in their honor, and will receive a photo collage, plaque and/or story about the child's wish they adopted. Click for more information on adopting a wish.

Chris Greicius Societies: Make-A-Wish America began in 1980 when officers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety granted the wish of seven-year-old Chris Greicius, who was living with leukemia, to be a police officer for a day. The power of that wish in his life provided the inspiration for Make-A-Wish, which is now the largest wish-granting organization in the world.

The Chris Greicius Society of Joy recognizes individual annual giving of $10,000 or more based on the calendar year. Members receive a Society pin and specially designed collectible box with star keepsake inside.

The Chris Greicius Society of Strength recognizes individual cumulative lifetime giving of $100,000 or more. Members receive a Society pin and custom-created Make-A-Wish wand.

The Chris Greicius Society of Hope recognizes individual deferred or planned gifts of $10,000 or more including:
    • Bequests received
    • Inclusion in a will or estate plan
    • Charitable trusts
    • Charitable gift annuities
    • Gifts of life insurance
    • Endowment gifts
    • Pooled income fund gifts

Members receive a Society pin and personalized wish journal.

Hope Stout Society: When twelve-year-old Hope Stout was asked in 2003 to make a wish, she instead inquired about how many children were still waiting in her state of North Carolina to receive their wishes. Hope's wish was to grant the wishes of all 155 children on the waiting list, which meant raising $1 million dollars. With Hope's determination and a generous community, her wish came true. The Hope Stout Society recognizes individuals who have reached $1 million in cumulative lifetime giving. With a minimum of $250,000 in cash and/or securities, the remainder can be a deferred gift. Gifts can be a combination of donations to the Maine chapter and Make-A-Wish America. Members will receive a Society pin and a customized gift.

The following applies to all levels of giving except the Chris Greicius Society of Hope: Only gifts where the donor has received nothing in return can be included; In-kind gifts are not included; Gifts of readily marketable securities are included based on the value of the date received; Gifts can be a combination of local chapter and national gifts; Gifts from individual or family foundations can be included.

Legacy of Wishes: Leave a legacy by granting a wish. Learn more about planned giving.

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